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Polyurethane injection resins

Problems with water leaking cracks often affect the stability, durability, safety and realisation of buildings and infrastructures. Crack injection with our polyurethane injection resins will seal the cracks, preventing any further problems and restoring the bad conditions of the structure.

How does polyurethane crack injection work? The resins consist of 1 or 2 components and while injecting them into the crack they react with the water in the crack curing into a (strong) foam or gel. The cured resin seals the cracks stopping water leaking trough, temporary or permanent.

TRADECC’s PU injection resins block all leakages with a high flow or high hydrostatic water pressure. Our products are also very suited for the sealing of high and low water bearing cracks and joints in concrete and underground constructions.

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Applications of polyurethane injection resins:


Polyurethane resins are perfectly suited for crack injections in new and existing structures. TRADECC has a very wide range, offering products for all kinds of situations: fine cracks, big gaps, leaking cracks with high water pressure, cracks with little to no water, …