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PC Leakinject FLEX 6860

PC Leakinject Flex 6860 is a low viscous, one-component, polyurethane injection resin. In contact with water the resin forms a flexible foam. The PC Leakinject Flex 6860 is a versatile product for a wide variety of water sealing problems:

  • Sealing of cracks and fissures in walls, floors, concrete structures, gravel layers, drainpipes, etc.
  • Moving or reducing groundwater flows through granular soil.
  • Stopping high-flow-rate water leaks.

Suited for controlled filling of pores in both fine- and coarse-grained soil with injection fluid (permeation grouting).

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  • Forms a flexible foam without shrinkage
  • Combines a low viscosity with a highly adjustable reaction time. The reaction speed can be varied over a broad range by adjusting the quantity of the catalyst
  • Resistant to water, weak acids and bases, most organic solvents, and microorganisms
  • Very low viscosity
  • Water reactive

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