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Founded in 1969

Family owned

Based in Antwerp

Our sister company ECC nv was established in 1969 as a manufacturer and applicator of in-house developed products. Originally, ECC nv produced paints based on synthetic resins for application in the construction, shipping and food industries.

On market’s demand, these formulations were adapted. They formed the basis for synthetic resin floors and synthetic resin mortars for decorating and repairing concrete, masonry and wood.

In a later phase, low-viscosity, shrinkage-free epoxy injection systems – including adapted machines -were designed for structural repair of structures. Some spectacular references were achieved with these repair procedures: the restoration of the columns of Antwerp Cathedral, the vaults of St Michiel’s Cathedral in Brussels, the restoration of St George’s Hall in Windsor Castle …

During the implementation of the major metro works in Antwerp and Brussels, in the mid-1970s, there was a clear need for techniques and products for waterproofing silt walls. At the government’s request, ECC NV developed acrylic and PU injection products for this purpose, including the injection equipment.

In the early 1980s, our governments faced the problem of large leaks in the existing landfills. Thus arose the nv ETEC, which today has grown into an expert in liquid-tight membranes, leak detection systems, landfill drainage, etc.

By the synergy between ECC NV, with its chemical team, and ETEC NV, with its construction team, we have always been leaders in improving and innovating products, applications and techniques.

This evolution gave us the opportunity, in the 1990s, to establish TRADECC nv. They take care of the worldwide trading of our products and techniques.

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