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PC Injectra

Injection hose system for waterproofing construction joints. PC Injectra Quick fit package consists of injection hose, pressure hose, hook connections and fixing clamps.

The Injection hose is made from expanded PE, which has a porous structure with cells that are mutually connected and form a zigzag passage.

  • The cells open under pressure of the injected resin.
  • The special water-repellent coating prevents the penetration of concrete milk coming from outside.
  • The injection hose ensures an optimal and uniform spread of the resin later on
  • Suited for injection of polyurethane an acrylic resins
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  • Easy installation
  • Very cost effective
  • Push and pull system hook connector
  • Compatible with PC 509 ZL Acryl (multiple re-injection possible) or Leakinject 2K Flex 6811LV


  • 20 x 5 mm
  • 20 x 10 mm
  • 20 x 25 mm


  • Injection hose system for waterproofing construction joints in concrete

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