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Although concrete, masonry, steel and wood are considered maintenance-free construction materials, their durability can be affected by internal and external conditions. For every structural problem or renovation TRADECC proposes a tailor made repair or reinforcement strategy, leaning on our various repair methods.

Our products are ideal for the structural repair of concrete and other materials. First of all we offer solutions for epoxy crack injection. These are epoxy injection resins suited to fill up structural cracks and repairing the concrete, wood, masonry, … . Secondly our carbon fibre laminates and textiles range reinforce concrete and increase the load bearing capacity.

Our products can be used for the repair and reinforcement of beams, slabs, walls and columns. We fix construction and design errors, increase or repair the original load bearing capacity and strengthen constructions when making openings in floor plates or walls.

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Carbon fibre based materials

  • Laminates

  • Textiles

Epoxy based materials

  • Injection resins

  • Glues

  • Mortars

Our structural repair solutions:


TRADECC’s carbon fibre laminates and textiles reinforce beams, columns and slabs of structures. They are attached to the surface and will increase the load bearing capacity and strengthen the structure.


We have a wide range of epoxy materials for the structural repair of concrete and other materials. Firstly, our epoxy injection resins repair cracks in the surface. Inject the into the crack, once cured it will create a strong seal and the cracks are structurally repaired.


  • Tunneling
  • Civil engineering
  • Concrete, wood, steel constructions
  • Crane traces
  • Machine foundations
  • Rail reinforcement

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