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Acrylic injection resins

Problems with water leaking cracks often affect the stability, durability, safety and realisation of buildings and infrastructures. Injecting the cracks with our acryl injection resins will seal them, preventing any further problems and restoring the bad conditions of the structure.

How do our acrylic injection resins work? The resins consist of different components and while injecting them into the crack they react with each other curing into an elastic gel. The gel seals the cracks, stopping water leaking trough.

TRADECC’s resins are high quality products with adjustable reaction times and good elastic properties for the permanent water sealing of cracks and joints. They also have a low viscosity, which makes them ideal for sealing even the tiniest cracks. Due to the excellent swelling properties of the dried out gel, a durable waterproofing can be guaranteed season after season and year after year.

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Applications of acrylic injection resins:


The aim of a curtain injection is to achieve a waterproofing barrier on the outside of the building by injection of an acrylic injection resin. The acrylic gel will spread out along the outside wall and will penetrate into the soil.

This technique is also recommended in combination with a waterproofing membrane.


Acryl injection resins are very suited for the water sealing of construction or expansion joints in concrete structures. The soil surrounding and/or behind the construction joint has to be injected first. This creates an impermeable layer along the outside of the expansion joint.


Our acrylic injection resin PC 509 ZL Acryl is especially suited for membrane injections, a technique used in the tunnelling industry. In most tunnel constructions there is a waterproofing membrane installed behind the concrete structure. When leakages come through the walls and ceilings of the tunnels, injection is required. The injected membrane will seal the tunnel form the water leaks.


The resin PC 509 ZL Acryl is also compatible with the injection hose PC Injectra. This hose is installed in construction joints as a preventative solution. When leakages occur eventually, the resin is injected and seals the structure. The hose ensures an optimal and uniform spread of the resin.