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PC Tunnelinject 2K 6822 LV

PC Tunnelinject 2K 6822 LV is a low viscous, fast reacting, two-component, polyurethane injection resin. This resin is developed for the consolidation and water sealing of structures with high water flow or pressure in shafts, tunnels, dams, canals, mines, … Also for the stabilization and water sealing of drill holes, porous rocks, sand, ground, brick and concrete constructions.

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  • Very low viscosity
  • Sealing of hairline cracks
  • Increase of 8 to 10 times in volume in wet structures
  • In wet structures the product forms a very strong polyurethane foam
  • In dry structures the product forms a solid mass (±70 MPa)
  • Becomes completely watertight after curing
  • Reinforces the treated construction
  • Reacts via a pump effect after injection. Pushes itself into the porous rock or concrete structure that needs to be reinforced (principle of self-injection)
  • 1/1 mixing ratio

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