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PC Carbocomp CSU 1.4

PC Carbocomp CSU 1.4 range are high modulus unidirectional carbon fibre laminates for the repair and reinforcement of concrete, timber, masonry and steel structures. The PC Carbocomp CSU 1.4 range is used to increase of load bearing capacity, repair of the original bearing capacity, local strengthening of construction elements, reinforcement of beams, floors, walls and columns, reparation of design or construction errors.

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  • High tensile strength and stiffness
  • Low self-weight and creep
  • Flexible in use
  • Excellent corrosion, acid and alkali resistance
  • High durability
  • Little to no maintenance and no special requirements for finishing
  • Tradecc’s CFRP calculation program available on demand


  • Roll 100m x 50mm
  • Roll 100m x 80mm
  • Roll 100m x 100mm
  • Roll 100m x 120mm


  • Thickness: 1,4 mm
  • Fibre content: 68% volume
  • Tensile strength: > 2595MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity: 170 GPa
  • Elongation: 1,5 %/li>

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