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PC Leakinject Soil 6805 N

PC Leakinject Soil 6805 N is a low viscous, 1-component polyurethane injection resin for permanent soil stabilization. In contact with water, the resin forms a rigid foam. The PC Leakinject Soil 6805 N is suitable for:

  • Soil stabilisation:
    • Beneath foundations
    • Behind quay walls to prevent or eliminate subsidence
    • To prevent collapse during and after excavation
  • Sealing of divergent sheet piling in construction pits.
  • Application of:
    • Water-inhibiting layers in construction pits
    • Soil sealing layers in tunneling
  • Restraining underground water flows around culverts.
  • Permeation grouting of fine- or coarse grained soils.
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  • Only reacts with water thereby forming a rigid foam
  • The cured material is resistant against water, weak acids and bases, most of the organic solvents and micro-organisms
  • Can be injected with injection lances, special injection equipment, sleeve port pipes, self drilling anchors, …
  • Very low viscosity

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