PC 509 Rubber Acryl

PC 509 Rubber Acryl is a 5 component, highly elastic, low viscous acrylic injection resin with excellent physical properties. Ideal suited for water sealing underground structures and curtain injections around tunnel segments, drainpipes, porous concrete structures, etc. Also injection of structures that require the strong physical properties of the acrylic gel due to fluctuations in groundwater levels, concrete, settling expansion joints, etc.

As the PC 509 Rubber Acryl initiator is dissolved in a strengthening polymer blend (PC 509 Rubber Acryl Strengthener) instead of water, the gel has outstanding physical properties: excellent cohesion upon swelling, good stability, high water retention capacity, excellent behaviour through wet-dry cycles, and superior tear strength in comparison to standard acrylate injection resins.


Acryllic injection resin for water sealing cracks in concrete