PC Carbocomp PLUS

PC Carbocomp Plus is a multidirectional carbon fibre laminates, composed of unidirectional carbon fibres and carbon fibres at +/- 45° direction, which can be anchored with bolts.

This patented system is used for the reinforcement of beams, floors, walls and columns made of concrete or wood.

Strengthening of bridges and buildings for the repair of the original bearing capacity, or local strengthening of construction elements and to increase the load bearing capacity.

The main advantages of bolting PC Carbocomp Plus:

  • Prevention  premature debonding phenomena
  • Achievement of higher strengthening factors.
  • Shortening of the anchorage length.
  • Application on poor quality concrete possible (tensile strength < 1,5MPa).
  • Increase of the ductility of the reinforced element.
  • Resistance against vibration and impact.
 Average Value

Minimum Value

Tensile strength2400 MPa>2200 MPa
Modulus of elasticity165 GPa>160 GPa
Elongation >1,33 %
Thickness1,2 mm
Fibre content65 volume %


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