Injection resin

High quality acrylic based gels with adjustable reaction times and good elastic properties for the permanent water sealing of cracks and joints.

This range of injection resins are also very suitable for curtain injection and compartment membrane injections in tunneling industry.

Stops water leaks

We stop water leaks in your tunnel permanently, even with high flow or hydrostatic pressure.

High quality

We only use high quality ingredients
for a good chemical resistance.

Assistance + training

We offer you on-site technical
assistance and training.

TRADECC’s injection resins:
Preventing or stopping
water leakage

Tradecc’s injection resins solve all your problems with water leaking cracks and structural cracks in tunnels, concrete structures, building pits, …  

We specialize in polyurethane, acrylic and epoxy injection resins.

You can count on product training, technical assistance on-site and customized products to your needs.